Measuring Digital Signage

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Is digital signage effective? From campuses to boardrooms, it's a pretty common question. And the answers are typically put either in anecdotal terms ("why are people still using the mailing lists and paper posters") or in the language of management -- ROI, metrics, and life-cycles ("If you can't measure it, you can't manage it"). Both can have a role to play, depending on the environment and objectives of your signage system. But before you can consider how to measure the effectiveness of digital signage, it's important to understand what those measurements entail and whether doing them will help.  [Read More]

Making Digital Signage Work in Higher Education

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Long after the screens have been put up and the initial burst of content has passed by, many digital signs wind up showing just a few pieces of content, perhaps not much more than the posters that had previously been scattered around the area. This is not the value-added bonanza of mixed content diversity the proposals promised. Your content is mostly word art on bare powerpoint slides interspersed with wall-of-text research announcements. How can you get and keep your campus engaged with digital signage?  [Read More]

Where we're headed

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As I write this post, we're beginning the soft-launch of the Innio website and our first multi-user Concerto instance. This will cap several years' worth of efforts to both get the Concerto product out there as a reasonably mature digital signage system and structure a business around it. But as the writer of most of the prose around here, you've heard enough from me about the product (as well as why and how we came to it). But Innio is more than Concerto or Fleetdeck. We've built our tiny company as a platform for solving problems within our collective expertise. Perhaps it's a proclivity for over-engineering around here, but this platform approach is pretty identifiable in everything we do.  [Read More]