Innio LLC (hereafter “Innio”) is a hosting provider for web applications. Each Service offered through Innio’s infrastructure is accessed and administered by a Service Owner. By using Innio Services, Users and Service Owners agree to adhere to the following Terms of Service.

Your Innio User Account can be used to access all services hosted by Innio. By maintaining an Innio User Account, you agree to the terms of this document. If at any time you do not feel that you are able to abide by these obligations, please log in and terminate your account by visiting our website.

Account policies

  1. You must safeguard your account and password. You may not allow any other individual to access your account. Innio cannot be held responsible for loss or damage resulting from your failure to properly secure your access to Innio services.
  2. You may not engage in illegal or harassing behavior through any Innio service.
  3. If you are an service owner, you agree to administer any Innio hosted services you provide in accordance with these terms of service.
  4. Report any security concerns, harassment, or abuse of Innio services immediately to

Content Policies

Some Innio services allow you to upload text, graphics or other information and share it with others or transmit it to other computers. You retain full ownership to such content, but depending on your configuration, users may copy, modify, or otherwise share it. Innio bears no responsibility for such activity.

You retain full ownership to your content, but you agree to grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual, royalty-free license to use, copy, reproduce, modify, process, adapt, publish, transmit, edit, translate, derive, display and distribute such content in connection with providing services to you and other users. In the course of operating our services, we may modify your content in order to display or distribute it over a variety of media and on various devices in keeping with the requirements or limitations of such.

Subscription Duration

Subscriptions to Innio services are billed on a monthly basis, unless advance payment is specified at the time of purchase. Subscriptions will be renewed monthly until specifically cancelled. Any billing errors must be reported within thirty (30) days and will be promptly acted upon.

Subscription Upgrades/Downgrades

A subscription may be changed to a higher or lower level of service at any time. Upon such a change, a pro-rated credit will be issued and can be used towards any future bills.


Discounts for volume or payment for services in advance may be offered by Innio as an advertised offer or to specific customers. Any such discount will only be applicable for the term the customer has agreed to (e.g. 1 month, 1 year).

Price Changes

Prices charged for services may be changed at any time at Innio’s discretion. However, such changes will only take effect on existing customers at the end of their current commitment period (the end of the monthly billing month for monthly users). All affected users will be promptly notified of any applicable changes to their billing at least 90 days (3 monthly billing cycles) before the change via e-mail or other contact methods made available to Innio.


Users may cancel their subscription to any Innio service at any time. These cancellations will result in the termination of service at the end of the billing cycle. All data contained in any Innio application that has been cancelled will be deleted at the end of the billing cycle and may not be recovered.


Basic support for Innio hosted software will be provided primarily by e-mail, and is available to customers. This support is limited to problems with the hosted software itself and will not encompass any integration, customization, or other advanced support needs. Advanced support (with guaranteed 24-hour response time and phone access) can be purchased according to the terms of the software package purchased. Consulting services involving customization and/or design may be contracted or purchased separately.


You should also understand the following provisions of services made available by Innio.

  1. The service is provided as-is, and Innio makes no guarantee that it will be available or functioning as expected at any given time.
  2. Your Innio account will allow you to access services hosted by Innio but managed and paid for by the service owner. We can’t promise that administrative decisions by service owners will be fair, and we take no responsibilities for their actions.
  3. Your access to the service is continued at our discretion. Should you violate these terms, or should Innio find that your activity interferes with our ability to maintain access to the service, your account may be terminated without warning. Access to retrieve data posted to services is at Innio’s discretion.
  4. Failure by Innio to enforce any of the terms of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of that term.
  5. If you choose to enter a contract with Innio by purchasing any additional services, the terms of your purchase contract will supersede any of the provisions above with respect to your user account.

Updates to these Terms

Innio LLC reserves the right to update these terms. When updated, the new terms will be available on our website The new terms will take effect immediately upon release.

The only valid copy of this terms of service is located at Any other copy is considered uncontrolled and shall not be considered a commitment.